6 Gift Ideas for a New Mum

6 Gift Ideas For a New Mum

6 Gift Ideas For a New Mum

There are so many things that a new mum needs when she has a baby. The mountain of gifts piles up high very quickly. And let’s be honest, you really can’t have too many onesies; man babies can poo… a lot! But sometimes it can be tricky to think of gift ideas that are a little bit unique and original. So we have put together a list of some of our favourites brands to get you thinking outside the booties-rattle-teddy-singlet-square... some gift ideas that would go perfectly with a stunning change or play mat from us here at www.mamamats.com .

We Might Be Tiny 
Surprise the new mum to be with something that will brighten up meal times. Yeah, ok a newborn baby won’t be interested in food for a few months… but in the blink of an eye that tiny, sleepy newborn will be demanding more purée than its mamma ever thought imaginable and will be spraying said puree across the kitchen. This range of gorgeous placemats saves the mess and is dishwasher safe (win!) and comes in a variety of beautiful on trend colours and designs. Visit: www.wemightbetiny.com
 Green Bunny PlacieBlack Bunny Placie

Frankie & Co Designs 
For the lovers of quirky, trendy and fun accessories for littlies rooms – think illustrations, wall hangings, soft furnishings and monochrome. This is place to (online) shop for bits and pieces to make a new bubbas room stand out from the norm. One of our faves is Little Benedikt bear. So cute and can be made in a variety of sizes, he is sure to become a favourite keepsake as he can be customised with any text to mark baby’s arrival. Full range at: www.frankieandcodesigns.com.au
Benedikt Bear  

One Sonny Day
A truly unique gift would be to have one of the most talented artists in Australia create a hand painted portrait of their little poppet. Capturing that sparkle in bubs eye and the cheekiness of their grin, a One Sonny Day piece would take pride of place in any nursery and be treasured for years to come. Stunning, personalised and one of a kind. What more could you ask for?! To see more: www.onesonnyday.com.au

Duke of London
For kids who have serious swagger, Duke of London fits the bill. A range of clothing for kids aged 6 months to 6 years which is fashion forward and edgy, but most importantantly practical and comfortable. Initially designed to fill a gap in the market for boys wear, the Duke of London range is a place where boys and girls fashion has no limits. Shop now: www.dukeoflondon.co
RomperOne PieceBumsiesStriped Tee
Bliss Bites by Sam
Enjoying healthy foods is a must during pregnancy. After bubs arrives it is just important for mums to keep their energy levels up and Bliss Bites by Sam definitely ticks this box. A selection of healthy and tasty snacks that are specifically designed and tested to ensure a range of health benefits for postnatal mums. Cacao Lactation Blissballs are one of their best sellers – increasing milk supply whilst eating chocolate…Need we say more? Find out more: www.blissbitesbysam.com.au

We hope you have been inspired to #shopsmall the next time you are looking for a gift for a Mama and her bub. Don't forget to check out our own range of beautiful, unique and affordable play and change mats when scouting for gift ideas. We have an always expanding range of beautiful prints, created by some of the world's most talented designers. A great, stylish gift for any Mama and a cosy spot for baby at play or change time. See our full range at: www.mamamats.com 
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