Indigenous Art Fabric Play Mat - Dreaming
Indigenous Art Fabric Play Mat - Dreaming
Indigenous Art Fabric Play Mat - Dreaming

Indigenous Art Fabric Play Mat - Dreaming

Beautifully designed indigenous fabric play mats perfect for little ones (and big ones!). Designed to support, embrace and promote cultural diversity at your Daycare and Kindergarten Centres. Add an indigenous resource by selecting an Indigenous Australian Art 100% Cotton Fabric to form part of your Centre’s National Quality Framework (NQF) assessment. Indigenous mats come with details of the artist and story of the artwork. 

The top layer is made with quality designer cotton and the bottom layer is made with a waterproof underlayer* and lined with two layers of 100% cotton batting giving it a nice cushiony feel on hard surfaces.

{ Core Benefits }

Sustainable | Reusable | Soft & Comfortable | Durable | Portable | Multi-use

{ Key Features }

Machine Washable | Waterproof Layer | Reinforced Stitching | Lined with 100% Australian Made premium cotton batting

{ *Waterproof Underlayer }

Extremely soft to touch | Breathable | Durable hospital grade quality | 
Eco friendly and chemical free

Measuring approx 1metre (1.1yard) in width and approx 1metre (1.1yard) in length. 

Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash by itself on gentle cycle. Hang to dry (Do not tumble dry). Iron on low to medium heat on cotton upper surface if required. 

Our mats are made with safety in mind however never leave a baby unattended on a play mat.

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