Portable Baby Change Mat - Organic - Pink Botanical

Portable Baby Change Mat - Organic - Pink Botanical

Extremely practical for busy parents and carers, our portable baby change mats are made with quality designer fabric and a white waterproof under-layer. Our mats are lined with 100% Australian cotton batting, offering soft quality padding for your little one. 

The design is simple, elegant and practical, showing off a nice designer fabric when rolled or folded whilst the waterproof interior is easy to wipe clean. There is no annoying button or strap to fasten making this mat easy to fold or roll into any change bag, nappy wallet, car or pram.

The waterproof exterior is easy to wipe clean but also durable to withstand machine washing.

The size is extremely generous at approx 52cm (W) x 60cm (L) = 20.5"(W) x 24.5"(L)

Please note: These mats are made with safety in mind however never leave a baby unattended on a change or play mat.